Skydive Everest : Kate Craig-Wood first woman to tandem-jump Everest (October 2008)

Kate Craig-Wood is a UK-based IT entrepreneur and Managing Director of Memset Ltd, the UK’s first Carbon Neutral hosting company. She is also a main-board director of Intellect, the UK’s high-tech trade association.

One of Kate’s core interests is the gender imbalance within the IT industry, and she is a supporter of many organisations which work to encourage more girls to consider a career in IT and to address issues such as the pay gap which is still prevalent for women already working in the industry.

As a tech entrepreneur with many links within the industry and through her position on the management committee of Intellect’s women in IT forum, Kate is very aware of the problems and inequalities faceing women in IT. As well as working with Intellect to try and address some of the issues she is also a strong advocate of getting more girls into the IT industry.

In October, Kate became the first woman to tandem-jump Everest in a skydive from 29,035ft to land on the side of the mountain, on the highest drop zone in the world.